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Constantine Giannaris, also Constantinos Giannaris (Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Γιάνναρης; born 1959), is a Greek film director, screenwriter and actor.


Year English title Greek title (Original title) Language Country Notes
1983 Framed Youth: The Revenge of the Teenage Perverts English UK participant; short film, 45 minutes
1989 Jean Genet Is Dead English UK/Greece director; writer; short film, 40 minutes, dedicated to Mark Ashton[1]
1990 Silences English UK/Greece director; writer; short film, 10 minutes
1990 Trojans Τρώες English UK/Greece director; writer; short film, 33 minutes
1990 Teddy Award for Best Short Film
1991 North of Vortex English UK/Greece director, short film, 58 minutes
1991 Caught Looking English UK director; short film, 35 minutes
1992 Teddy Award for Best Short Film
1994 A Place in the Sun Μια Θέση στον Ήλιο (Mia thesi ston ilio) Greek UK/Greece director; writer; 45 minutes
1995 3 Steps to Heaven English UK director; writer; actor; TV film
1998 From the Edge of the City Από την άκρη της πόλης (Apo tin akri tis polis) Greek/Russian Greece director; writer; actor
2001 One Day in August Δεκαπενταύγουστος (Dekapentavgoustos) Greek Greece director; writer
2004 Visions of Europe: segment Room for All European Union director; writer; short film, 5 minutes
2005 Hostage Ομηρος (Omiros) Greek/Albanian Greece/Turkey director; writer
2009 Gender Pop Greek Greece director; writer; documentary short, 40 minutes
2011 Man at Sea Άνθρωπος στη Θάλασσα (Anthropos sti thalassa) Greek Greece director; writer[2][3]


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