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Context may refer to:

  • Context (linguistics), the relevant constraints of the communicative situation that influence language use, language variation, and discourse summary


  • Context (computing), the virtual environment required to suspend a running software program
  • Lexical context or runtime context of a program, which determines name resolution
  • Context awareness, a complementary to location awareness
  • Context menu, a menu in a graphical user interface that appears upon user interaction
  • ConTeXt, a macro package for the TeX typesetting system
  • ConTEXT, a text editor for Microsoft Windows
  • Operational context, a temporarily defined environment of cooperation
  • Context (term rewriting), a formal expression with a hole

Other uses[edit]

  • Context (festival), an annual Russian festival of modern choreography
  • Archaeological context, an event in time which has been preserved in the archaeological record
  • Opaque context, the linguistic context in which substitution of co-referential expressions does not preserve truth
  • Trama (mycology) (context or flesh), the mass of non-hymenial tissues that composes the mass of a fungal fruiting body
  • Context (rapper), also known as Context MC, stage name of George Musgrave

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