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Continuity or continuous may refer to:



  • Continuity equations applicable to conservation of mass, energy, momentum, electric charge and other conserved quantities
  • Continuity test for an unbroken electrical path in an electronic circuit or connector
  • In materials science:
    • a colloidal system, consists of a dispersed phase evenly intermixed with a continuous phase
    • a continuous wave, an electromagnetic wave of constant amplitude and frequency


  • Continuity (broadcasting), messages played by broadcasters between programs
  • Continuity editing, a form of film editing that combines closely related shots into a sequence highlighting plot points or consistencies
  • Continuity (fiction), consistency of plot elements, such as characterization, location, and costuming, within a work of fiction (this is a mass noun)
  • Continuity (setting), one of several similar but distinct fictional universes in a broad franchise of related works (this is a count noun)
  • "Continuity" or continuity script, the precursor to a film screenplay

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