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Contis' beach; the lighthouse in the background

Contis is a village, part of the commune of Saint-Julien-en-Born, in the Landes département of southwest France, on the Atlantic Ocean, which has an extensive beach, Contis Plage.


The wide beach of fine sand is popular with sunbathers, swimmers and surfers.

A local landmark is Contis Lighthouse (Contis Phare). The lighthouse stands 38 metres high and has 192 steps. It is painted white with a spiralling dark stripe, like a sucre d'orge. It is the only lighthouse from Capbreton to Cap Ferret.

Contis village also has shops and services fulfilling the needs of holidaymakers.

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Coordinates: 44°5′32″N 1°19′15″W / 44.09222°N 1.32083°W / 44.09222; -1.32083