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Studio album by Enanitos Verdes
Released 1986
Recorded 1986
Genre Rock en Español
Label Sony
Producer Andrés Calamaro
Enanitos Verdes chronology
Los Enanitos Verdes (album)
(1984)Los Enanitos Verdes (album)1984
Habitaciones Extrañas
(1987)Habitaciones Extrañas1987

Contrarreloj is the second album of Enanitos Verdes published on 1986. Originally released in 1986, Contra Reloj was Los Enanitos Verdes second effort but the first that the group recorded for CBS (now Sony). Produced by Andrés Calamaro, the album is a good [according to whom?] collection of simple pop/rock songs and probably one of the strongest albums that the band has ever recorded[neutrality is disputed]. It's like a greatest-hits collection in itself: "La Muralla Verde," "Conciencia Contra Reloj," "Cada Vez Que Digo Adiós," and "Simulacro de Tensión" were massive hits at the time[citation needed] and still are covered by the band in its shows[according to whom?].

Track listing[edit]

  1. La muralla verde [The Green Wall]
  2. Conciencia contrarreloj [Awareness Trial]
  3. Cada vez que digo adiós [Every Time I Say Goodbye]
  4. Tus viejas cartas [Your Old Letters]
  5. La luz del río [Light River]
  6. Simulacro de tensión [Mock Tension]
  7. Sólo dame otra oportunidad [Just Give Me Another Chance]
  8. Luchas de poder [Power FIghts]
  9. Es una máquina [It's A Machine]
  10. Algo terminó mal [Something Goes Bad]