Convoy Range

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Convoy Range (76°47′S 160°45′E / 76.783°S 160.750°E / -76.783; 160.750Coordinates: 76°47′S 160°45′E / 76.783°S 160.750°E / -76.783; 160.750) is a broad mountain range in Antarctica. Much of the range has a nearly flat plateau-like summit, extending south from the Fry Saddle and ending at Mackay Glacier. The range has steep cliffs on its east side, but it slopes gently into the Cambridge Glacier on the western side.

The New Zealand Northern Survey Party of the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1956–58) worked in this area in 1957. The party named the range for the main convoy into McMurdo Sound in the 1956–57 season, with the names of the various vessels being used for features in the range.


Geographical features include: