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Admiral Conway Hillyer Arnold, USN, was a rear admiral of the United States Navy, in command of the Third Squadron of the Atlantic Fleet in 1910.

Born 14 November 1848, the son of Commander Henry Nathan Tewkesbury and Cornelia Van Vleck Sleight, Conway Arnold was a native of New York City.

In 1867, he graduated from the United States Naval Academy, and in 1868 was commissioned as an ensign in the United States Navy.

On 17 November 1870, he married Fannie Wood of Raleigh, North Carolina, daughter of William W. W. Wood, Engineer in Chief of the United States Navy. That same year, Arnold was commissioned as a master. The following year, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. After many years as a Lieutenant, Arnold was commissioned to the rank of Lieutenant Commander in 1892. At the onset of the Spanish American War, he was promoted to the rank of Commander. In 1902 he obtained the rank of captain. Then, by 1908, he was promoted to the position of Rear Admiral and placed in charge of the Third Squadron of the Atlantic Fleet

His son Conway Hillyer Arnold Jr, who also served with distinction in the military, died at a young age on 6 April 1908 in Denver, Colorado, possibly of tuberculosis.

At his death on 16 July 1917 in New York City Conway Hillyer Arnold Sr was survived by his wife, Fannie and his two grandchildren. [1]


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