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Clipless pedal Coombe

The Coombe Pro Clipless Pedal is a high performance clipless bicycle pedal that was manufactured in the late 1990s and early to mid-2000s.[1]

The design is as stated from patent:

A retention mechanism for retaining a cycling shoe to a bicycle pedal, having a solid tongue and groove mechanism for engaging the shoe cleat to the pedal body. The shoe cleat having a forward ramp, and side walls, for guiding the cleat into engagement with the pedal body. Engagement being accomplished by, first, sliding the foot forward across the pedal body, bringing the rear tongue of the cleat into engagement with a mating groove of the pedal body, then rotating the heel, out and back, about an axis perpendicular to the top surface of the pedal body, bringing the front tongue of the cleat fully into engagement with the pedal body.[2]

Patented by William Blake Coombe in Boulder, Colorado in May 2001, under US Patents #6234046 and #6227071, the Coombe pedal is hailed by some as the "best pedal" made, due to the high quality, low profile, and lightweight design.[3] However, in 2006, after most road cycling shoes changed exclusively to the 3 bolt cleat mounting pattern, the Coombe Pro pedal system was discontinued because the cleats were not directly compatible with this pattern. This led to the development of the new Coombe Millennium II pedal system, which is similar in design to the original Pro pedals, but features a wider pedal body, and a cleat platform that is 3 bolt compatible.


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