Copenhagen (EWTC show)

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Company East West Theatre Company
Genre A play
Date of premiere April 25, 2008
Location Memorial to the Victims of WW II, Vrace Sarajevo
Creative team
Director Nermin Hamzagic
Writer Michael Frayn
Set designer NewWay Studio
Amir Vuk Zec
Poster Design Bojan Hadzihalilovic
Goran Lizdek
Costume design Kao Pao Shu
Lighting design Muamer Causevic
Translation Sonja Basic
Video Art Fabrika
Actors Amar Selimovic
Damir Markovina
Sabina Bambur
Other information
Production East West Theatre Company
Producer Haris Pasovic
Executive Producer Ismar Hadziabdic
Financial Manager Sanela Brcic
Production Assistant Iris Dizdarevic
Official website

Copenhagen is the name of East West Theatre Company's theatre production of the same name; written by Michael Frayn and directed by Nermin Hamzagic.[1] This show is Nermin Hamzagic's first professional directorial engagement and it was soon followed by a documentary called Dreamers which was selected for screening at Sarajevo Film Festival 09 and Jihlava documentary film festival.[2]

Copenhagen tells a story of two nuclear physicists and a wife of one of them. Werner Heisenberg was one of the founders of quantum mechanics and he also discovered the Uncertainty Principle. Niels Bohr, Heisenberg’s professor, was one of the scientists whose findings played a crucial role in understanding of structure of atom and quantum mechanics.

Copenhagen, directed by Nermin Hamzagic, was played at a derelict and abandoned Memorial to the Victims of WW II, Vraca Memorial Park in Sarajevo near the so-called inter-entity boundary drawned during the 1991-1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.[3] It was also performed during East West Theatre Company's summer festival called Summer Begins With East West in June 2009.[4]


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