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Industry Technology services
Fate Acquired by Idera
Founded 2010 (2010)
Defunct July 2013 (2013-07)
Headquarters Austin, TX
Key people
Scott Johnson, Eric Anderson, Bob Quillin
Products RevealCloud, RevealUptime

CopperEgg is a cloud computing systems management company based out of Austin, Texas. CopperEgg provinces a family of Software as a Service (SaaS) based cloud monitoring services for public and private cloud environments. These services include server monitoring, website monitoring, and web application monitoring that track system and application performance, and alerts on and helps troubleshoot system and application issues. CopperEgg software products integrate into public cloud providers such as Amazon EC2 and Rackspace. CRN Magazine included the company on its list of 10 hot new cloud startups to watch in 2011.[1] And in 2013, the company was recognized with the 2013 North America Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation within Cloud Monitoring Solutions.[2] The company offers both a free version and a paid version of their software.


Scott Johnson and Eric Anderson co-founded CopperEgg in 2010. Johnson previously co-founded Thomas Conrad, a networking hardware company that was acquired by Compaq Computer Corp. in 1995. He went on to co-found Surgient Networks in 2000, where he was the chief technology officer.[3]

Anderson was formerly a software consultant and has held engineering roles at Austin-based Centaur Technology and also worked with Johnson at a previous startup in Austin called StorSpeed Inc.[3]

The CopperEgg name is a reference to the "Egg of Columbus" or Columbus Egg, which refers to a brilliant idea or discovery that seems simple or easy after the fact and it also pays homage to Nikola Tesla who demonstrated the principles of a rotating magnetic field and induction motor by demonstrating how to make a copper egg stand on end.[4]

On July 2013, Idera, an application and server management solutions provider, acquired CopperEgg as a wholly owned subsidiary. The company stated the acquisition would combine Idera's database monitoring and CopperEgg's server and application performance management software to give its customers better visibility and control over their IT environments with SaaS-based management.[5]

Venture capital[edit]

CopperEgg has raised a total of $4.1M Series A funding, and is backed by Austin-based Silverton Partners and Webb Investment Network, the investment fund of former eBay executive Maynard Webb, and several other private investors. The company raised their initial round of $2M in funding in July 2011.[6] And they raised an additional $2.1M ten months later in May 2012, which is when they also hired a new CEO, Bob Quillin, to lead an expansion push with product build out and accelerate sales and marketing.[7]


CopperEgg is addressing a market that according to IDC has spending on public IT cloud services growing at a compounding annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.6 percent from $21.5 billion in 2010 to $72.9 billion in 2015.[8] The 451 Group reports that CopperEgg has over 200 paying customers.[9] And the company has strategic partnerships with companies such as Amazon AWS, advanced technical partner; Rackspace; SolarWinds; and Blitz IO.[10][11][12]


New economics, technologies and consumption models have been driving the adoption of cloud computing, and companies like CopperEgg are developing products to address the new challenges that go along with it: lack of visibility and control.

CopperEgg provides a collection of SaaS-based cloud monitoring and analytic solutions that help companies accelerate the delivery of applications and services across public and private cloud environments.

The company's flagship product is a server monitoring solution called RevealCloud. Originally launched in July 2011, RevealCloud provides real-time server monitoring for Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and Mac OS X servers.[13] The 5 second on-screen performance updates are visible through the SaaS application. Some of the key unique features include a less than 10 second install and a Web 2.0 graphical interface. CopperEgg further extended the product by introducing server application process monitoring with an update in 2012.[14]

The company launched a second product in July 2012, a Website monitoring solution called RevealUptime.[15] RevealUptime provides up to a 15-second response time, uptime and health updates on Websites, Web applications, Web services and TCP ports, visible through a SaaS application. These performance metrics can be viewed together with the corresponding servers monitored by the RevealCloud product.

On October 2012, CopperEgg added a management API that provides open programmatic access for automating and orchestrating server monitoring, website uptime analysis, and cloud infrastructure management. This update also added software-defined monitoring with DevOps integration into third-party automation tools such as Chef and Puppet.[16][17]


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