Copper Dragon Brewery

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Copper Dragon Brewery
Founded 2002
Headquarters Keighley, West Yorkshire, England
Owner Copper Dragon Brewery. (independent)

Copper Dragon Brewery is a brewery originally established in Skipton, North Yorkshire in 2002[1] and which has now moved to West Yorkshire.[2]

The brewery produces 3 permanent Cask Ales[2]: "Golden Pippin" one of the original Blondes at 3.9% also available in 500ml Bottles, "Best Bitter" a traditional Northern-style Ale at 3.8% ABV also available in 500ml Bottles, "Scott's 1816" created to commemorate the original Skipton brewery build by Christopher Scott.[3] a maltster from Leeds back in year 1816.[1][4]

Copper Dragon Brewery operates from Keighley in association with Recoil Brewing Co of Clitheroe, Lancashire and the original brewing team of Gordon Wilkinson and his team Dave Sanders and Matthew Taylor[5] based at Recoil. It brews the original three beers and a pilsner has been added ("Silver Myst"[2]).


Beer Name Style abv
Best Bitter Bitter 3.8%(cask) , 4.0% (bottled)
Golden Pippin Blonde 3.9%(cask) , 4.2% (bottled)
Scott's 1816 Bitter 4.4% (bottled)
Silver Myst Pilsner 4.0% (cask)


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