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Corbon Inc.
Founded1982 (1982)
FounderPeter Pi, Sr.
Fatetakeover (after bankruptcy in November, 2017)
OwnerTA Perrine

Cor-Bon/Glaser LLC is a manufacturer of small arms ammunition.

HK2000 with Glaser Powerball Ammunition
.50 Action Express, .440 Cor-Bon, .44 Rem Magnum
Ruger SP101, with Cor-Bon Ammunition
Glaser Bullet Construction


Based in Sturgis, South Dakota, Cor-Bon/Glaser Ammunition originated when Peter Pi Sr. started making handgun hunting ammo in 1982 because the commonly available ammunition at that time was performing poorly.[1] Pi noticed that hollow point ammunition would not expand and went about creating a line of ammunition with reliable expansion.

In 2017 the Company was sold to TA Perrine and moved to Wooster, OH.

CorBon Law Enforcement Training Center[edit]

On June 23, 2011 the company opened the CorBon Law Enforcement Training Center (CLETC) in Sturgis, South Dakota. The center has several shooting ranges to train law enforcement officers.[2] CLETC closed in 2015 due to a lack of business.

Product Lines[edit]

Cor-bon produces several product lines of ammunition:[3]

  • Original JHP
  • DPX [4]
  • Performance Match
  • Urban Response
  • Hunting Lines
  • Multi-Purpose Rifle
  • Subsonic Ammo

Glaser Safety Slug has several product lines:[3]

  • Powerball
  • Safety Slug Blue
  • Safety Slug Silver

Note: Some of these products produce Plus P pressures. Do not use in your firearms unless you know for certain it is Plus P capable![3]

Original Products[edit]

Cor-Bon designed and developed the .32 NAA, essentially a .380 ACP case necked-down to a .32 caliber bullet, and the NAA Guardian .32 NAA pocket pistol in partnership with North American Arms (NAA).[5] At the 2004 SHOT Show, Cor-Bon and NAA introduced their jointly developed .25 NAA.[6]

.400 Cor-Bon is a Cor-Bon cartridge that was developed in 1997.[7] In the same manner as the .32 NAA, it was based on a .45 ACP case necked-down to .40.[8]

Cor-bon is owned by Dakota Ammo Incorporated, makers of firearms and ammunition.[9]


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