Corbeau (band)

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Origin Quebec, Canada
Genres Rock
Years active 1977 (1977)–1984 (1984)
Associated acts Offenbach
Past members Roger Belval
Donald Hince
Michel Lamothe
Jean Millaire
Marjolaine Morin
Pierre Harel

Corbeau was a Quebec rock group, very popular at the end of the seventies. The group was formed in 1977 by the film-maker, lyricist and singer Pierre Harel with Michel "Willie" Lamothe on bass guitar and Roger "Wézo" Belval on drums (all previously members of the group Offenbach) with Donald Hince on guitars. Jean Millaire completed the make up of Corbeau after a short tenure with Offenbach. Harel was the lead-singer up until the arrival of Marjolaine "Marjo" Morin, whereupon they shared the role until the departure of Harel just before the launching of their first album in 1979. Corbeau broke up in 1984 after the departure of Marjo and Jean Millaire.

In 2009 the original members (with the exception of Pierre Harel) re-united to record one track for Marjo's new album, Marjo et ses hommes. Corbeau re-recorded the track Demain.


  • Pierre Harel: vocals (1977-1979)
  • Marjolaine Morin: vocals
  • Donald Hince: guitar
  • Jean Millaire: guitar, back up vocals
  • Michel Lamothe: bass, back up vocals
  • Roger Belval: drums


  • 1979: Corbeau
  • 1981: Fou
  • 1982: Illégal
  • 1983: Visionnaire (Extended play)
  • 1984: Dernier cri (Live album)
  • 1992: L'intégrale (Best of)

Corbeau 85[edit]

Note: This incarnation of the band does not include the original members.

  • 2005: Hôtel Univers


This was another incarnation including members of the original Corbeau : Pierre Harel, Donald Hince, Michel Lamothe, Roger Belval

  • 1991 : Rite Rock
  • 1996 : Amérock du nord
  • 2002 : Félix en colère

Corbeau 85 - Corbach[edit]

  • 2004 : Rockollection

Pierre Harel solo[edit]

  • 1988 : Tendre ravageur
  • 2005 : Rock ma vie