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The James J. Corbett Memorial Award is a US award given annually by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA). It is presented "to the collegiate administrator who through the years has most typified Corbett's devotion to intercollegiate athletics and worked unceasingly for its betterment." The award is named after former Louisiana State University athletics director and first president of the NACDA, James J. Corbett. It has been presented annually since 1967.


The following individuals have won the Corbett Award.[1]

Year Winner Institution
1967 Bernie Moore Southeastern Conference
1968 Fritz Crisler University of Michigan
1969 Asa Bushnell Eastern College Athletic Conference
1970 Dick Larkins Ohio State University
1971 Tom Hamilton Pacific-8 Conference
1972 William R. Reed Big Ten Conference
1973 Ernie McCoy University of Miami
1974 Al Twitchell Rutgers University
1975 Jess Hill Pacific Coast Athletic Association
1976 Walter Byers NCAA
1977 Robert Kane United States Olympic Committee
1978 Bill Orwig Indiana University
1979 Harry Fouke University of Houston
1980 Stan Bates Western Athletic Conference
1981 William J. Flynn Boston College
1982 Edgar A. Sherman Muskingum College
1983 Wiles Hallock Pacific-10 Conference
1984 James "Bud" Jack University of Utah
1985 Cecil Coleman Midwestern City Conference, University of Illinois
1986 Carl Maddox Mississippi State University, Louisiana State University
1987 John Toner University of Connecticut
1988 Mike Lude University of Washington
1989 Scotty Whitelaw Eastern College Athletic Conference
1990 George King Purdue University
1991 Joseph Kearney Western Athletic Conference
1992 Homer Rice Georgia Institute of Technology
1993 LeRoy Walker United States Olympic Committee
1994 Dick Schultz NCAA
1995 Elizabeth Kruczek Fitchburg State College
1996 Carl James Big Eight Conference
1997 Gene Corrigan Atlantic Coast Conference
1998 James Frank Southwestern Athletic Conference
1999 Chuck Neinas College Football Association, NCAA, Big Eight Conference
2000 Cedric Dempsey NCAA
2001 Jack Lengyel United States Naval Academy
2002 Roy Kramer Southeastern Conference
2003 Gary Cunningham University of California Santa Barbara
2004 Vince Dooley University of Georgia
2005 Bob Bronzan San Jose State University
2006 Judy Sweet NCAA
2007 Fred L. Miller Arizona State University, Long Beach State University, San Diego State University
2008 Dave Hart, Jr. East Carolina University, Florida State University
2009 Andy Mooradian University of New Hampshire
2010 Barbara Hedges University of Washington
2011 John Swofford Atlantic Coast Conference
2012 Frank Windegger Texas Christian University
2013 James Jones Ohio State University