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Cordectomy is the surgical removal of a cord. It usually refers to removal of the vocal cord, often for the purpose of treating Laryngeal Cancer [1] [2]. The word is derived from the Greek, combining "Chorde" and "ektome" meaning excision. It can be carried out by traditional surgical techniques or, increasingly, by Carbon Dioxide Laser [3]. CO2 laser cordectomy has allowed the treatment of glottic carcinoma as a day case procedure [4]. The procedure has also been carried out by vets to prevent incessant barking by dogs [5]. In Human, this type of surgeries are usually done by the Otolaryngologists and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons.

The indications being Carcinoma of Vocal cords and Early Glottic Carcinoma etc.

According to the European Laryngeal Society, Cordectomy is classified into followings:

1)Type I  : Subepithelial cordectomy 2)Type II : Subligamental cordectomy 3)Type III: Transmuscular cordectomy 4)Type IV : Total or Complete cordectomy