Corn Exchange, Bridgwater

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Corn Exchange
Statue of figure with outsretched arm. To the left a tall church spire and to the right a circular building with columns.
Corn Exchange, Church of St Mary and statue of Robert Blake
Corn Exchange, Bridgwater is located in Somerset
Corn Exchange, Bridgwater
Location within Somerset
General information
Town or city Bridgwater
Country England
Coordinates 51°07′42″N 3°00′15″W / 51.1283°N 3.0042°W / 51.1283; -3.0042Coordinates: 51°07′42″N 3°00′15″W / 51.1283°N 3.0042°W / 51.1283; -3.0042
Construction started 1834
Completed 1875

The Corn Exchange and market house in Bridgwater, Somerset, England was built in 1834 by John Bowen and extended in 1875,[1] by Charles Knowles. It has been designated as a Grade I listed building.[2]

The original market hall, which dates from 1791,[3] is fronted by a circular portico with a domed roof with Tuscan pillars.[2] The distinctive portico was added after the north and south sides of the corn market were demolished for road widening in 1825.[4]

It was originally surrounded by railings to separate the livestock from the food produce. The railings were removed in 1895.[5]

In front of the building is a statue of Robert Blake who was born in the town. The statue was made in 1898 by F. W. Pomeroy and has since been repositioned to face down Cornhill.[6]

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