Corn burrito

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Corn burrito
Type Burrito
Place of origin United States
Region or state Southwestern United States
Main ingredients Tortillas, refried beans, hot sauce, cheese
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A corn burrito is a Mexican-style dish consisting of a small rolled-up corn tortilla filled with refried beans. The filled tortilla is typically deep-fried, then topped with hot sauce and cheese. A corn burrito is essentially the same thing as a taquito, the difference being that taquitos are typically filled with meat, whereas a corn burrito is always filled with refried beans.

Corn burritos are usually topped with cheese, lightly salted, and served with a mild red sauce, sour cream, or guacamole. Traditional sauce is a base of tomato and water with 1/3 onion and yellow pepper all blended together, salted to taste.

Although corn burritos are cheap and easy to make, they typically cost more than one would think, and this is partially attributed to the usability of the frying oil after preparation. Unlike meat filling, the refried bean filling easily falls out the end of the rolled tortilla, quickly contaminating the remainder of the oil which then requires frequent cleaning and relatively frequent changing.


Although the idea of filling a rolled up tortilla with refried beans may be a common one, the term "Corn Burritos" is typically well known to the locals of Ventura County, California, USA, and they can be found at many Mexican fast food restaurants in the Ventura County, California area.


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