Corneliu M. Popescu

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Corneliu M. Popescu (Romanian pronunciation: [korˈnelju poˈpesku]; 1958 - March 4, 1977) was a Romanian translator of poetry who died at the age of 19 in the earthquake of 1977.

A poetry translation prize[1] was established in 2003 in commemoration of his work.[2] Called the Popescu Prize, it is awarded bi-annually by the Poetry Society 'for poetry translated from a European language into English'.[2] In the Guardian Review on 20 September 2003, there appeared an article[3] by the poet Alan Brownjohn about his own participation in judging the award for that year. A segment of a translation Popescu made of one of Mihai Eminescu's poems is reproduced in the article, as is a photograph of Popescu.