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Cornerstone, formally known as Cornerstone Community Care, is a Scottish charity and social enterprise that provides support and care for adults and children with disabilities and other care needs. Since it was founded in Aberdeen in 1980[1] Cornerstone has grown to become one of Scotland's largest charities[2].


Nicholas (Nick) Baxter formed Cornerstone in 1980 when he brought together a group of parents and professionals who were concerned about the lack and quality of services available to people with learning disabilities and their families. They wanted to provide community based support for people with special needs and Cornerstone's aim became 'to enable people we support to enjoy a valued life'.

Cornerstone opened its first residential service in 1982. By 2007 Cornerstone had grown to provides services at around 150 locations across Scotland, supporting nearly 1,300 adults and children with learning disabilities and other special needs.[3]

Baxter retired as Cornerstone's Chief Executive in May 2008 and was succeeded by Edel Harris.


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