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Van Hool A330 GNV 1.jpg
Slogan Le Bus, naturellement ! (The Bus, naturally!)
Parent Communauté d'agglomération du Beauvaisis
Founded 14
Headquarters 47 rue Corréus
Locale Beauvais, France
Service area Beauvais, France
Service type Transit bus
Alliance CABARO, CAP
Routes 26 (April 2014)
Fleet 40 vehicles
Fuel type CNG, Hybrid electric Diesel
Operator Veolia Transport
Chief executive Jean-Luc Bourgeois

Corolis (formerly Transports Urbains du Beauvaisis, abbreviated to TUB) is the local public transport operator in the town Beauvais and its suburbs, in northern France, that opened on 2010.


  • The Communauté d'agglomération du Beauvaisis defines the offer of transport (lines, frequency of passing ...), defines tariff policy, supports the large investment and management control of the operator.
  • CABARO advises and informs the community of agglomeration, manages the network, ensure its smooth operation and implement all the elements that may contribute to the development and use of public transport: training staff, quality, trade policy, general studies.


The Communauté d'agglomeration du Beauvaisis, which includes 31 municipalities, is served by Corolis.


Corolis fleet consists of more than 40 vehicles, including: Renault Agora, Renault R312 and Irisbus Citelis GNV


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