Corpus Christi Church, Għasri

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Corpus Christi Church
Corpus Christi Parish Church
Il-Knisja Parrokkjali ta' Kristu Ewkaristiku Salvatur
Facade of the Corpus Christi Parish Church.jpg
The façade of the parish church.
36°03′31.8″N 14°13′34.8″E / 36.058833°N 14.226333°E / 36.058833; 14.226333Coordinates: 36°03′31.8″N 14°13′34.8″E / 36.058833°N 14.226333°E / 36.058833; 14.226333
LocationGħasri, Gozo, Malta
DenominationRoman Catholic
WebsiteGħasri Parish on Facebook
Founded16 December 1921 (as a parish)
DedicationCorpus Christi and Christ the Saviour
Relics heldPiece of the Holy Cross of Our Lord
Functional statusParish church
Architect(s)Rev. Mgr. Archpriest Ġużepp Diacono
Architectural typeChurch
Years built1903–1916
Groundbreaking6 September 1903
Completed9 January 1916 (consecration)
Number of domes5 (1 large dome and 4 small ones)
Bells4 (1930)
ParishCorpus Christi Parish
MetropolisCoat of arms of Charles Jude Scicluna.svgMetropolitan Archdiocese of Malta
DioceseCoA Anton Teuma.pngDiocese of Gozo
Priest in chargeRev. Dr Dominic Sultana
Assistant priest(s)Rev. Mgr Michael Mintoff
Music group(s)Lauda Sion
Ghasri parish logo.jpg

The Corpus Christi Church is a Roman Catholic parish church in Għasri, in Gozo, Malta. It forms part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Gozo. It is under current administration of the Rev. Dr Dominic Sultana.[1]

Elevation to Parish Church[edit]

By a decree issued on 19 May 1921, Pope Benedict XV authorised the formation of the Corpus Christi Parish - one of the newest parishes in the diocese - with the Corpus Christi Church as the parish church.


The Chancel[edit]

The titular altarpiece is The Last Supper by Lazzaro Pisani and is located in the choir. It was commissioned by the then-curator and vice-parish priest the Rev. Fr. Carmelo Caruana. The painting was installed in 1917. By 2007, due to the weight of the canvas itself, creases were forming in the painting and it was getting unstuck from its frame. BOV sponsored the restoration.[2] The restoration was carried out by Emanuel Zammit, from Żejtun following his other works in the Cathedral of the Assumption in Gozo.[3]

The decorator Antonio Agius is responsible for the frame, which was done a year later. This, and his other works in the parish church are considered to be his climax.[4]

Parish Priests[edit]

Pastors of the Parish Church
Name Date of Birth Date of Death Date of Installment Termination of Position
1 Dun Ġużepp Galea 16 Jan 1892 24 Dec 1936 5 Mar 1922 1924 (resigned)
2 Dun M'Anġ Grima 26 Jul 1888 21 Nov 1968 31 Oct 1924 1929 (transferred)
3 Rev. Salv Scicluna 22 Jul 1888 12 Mar 1944 19 Mar 1929 1937 (transferred)
4 Rev. Franġisk Mercieca 24 Feb 1891 27 Nov 1964 23 May 1937 1938 (transferred)
5 Rev. Manwel Xerri 30 Jan 1895 12 Dec 1964 26 May 1938 1948 (transferred)
6 Rev. Ġużepp Borg 4 Nov 1912 Unknown 7 Nov 1948 1951 (transferred)
7 Rev. Can. Dun Karm Vella 17 Jan 1915 11 Mar 1969 9 Sep 1951 1965 (transferred)
8 Rev. Ġwann Cini 21 Dec 1935 Unknown 25 Apr 1965 1969 (transferred)
9 Rev. Mgr Ġużeppi Mintoff 17 Mar 1937 21 Sep 2014 1 Jun 1969 31 Mar 1992 (resigned)
10 Rev. Ġużepp Cini 19 Feb 1949 - 6 Jun 1992 6 Sep 2003 (resigned)
11 Rev. Mgr Dr Edward Xuereb 12 Apr 1970 - 28 Mar 2004 13 Sep 2021 (transferred)
12 Rev. Dr Dominic Sultana - - - Incumbent



In 2018, after obtaining funds from the EU, the facade (including the bell towers), and the left side of the church are being restored.


A view of the sanctuary and choir from the dome.


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