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Corsendonk logo.jpg
Corsendonk logo
Typebeer brand
Current supplierBrasserie Du Bocq

Corsendonk is a Belgian beer brand. The brandname refers to the Priory of Corsendonk in Oud-Turnhout; which was in operation from 1398 to 1784, and was rebuilt in 1968 as a hotel complex by new owners Corsendonk Hotels.[1][2] In 1982, on the 125th anniversary of the Oud-Turnhout municipality,[3] Jef Keersmaekers, grandson of Antonius Keersmaekers who had founded a brewery in 1906,[4] was approached by the local tourist office to use the Corsendonk name for its abbey association, as an abbey beer marketing technique.[1] He launched Pater Noster, now called Corsendonk Pater (or "Abbey Brown Ale" when marketed in America), and Agnus Dei, now called Corsendonk Agnus (or "Abbey Pale Ale" when marketed in America).[5] As the family brewery had closed down in 1953, the beers were contracted out to other breweries, including Brasserie Du Bocq, who now brew all the brands.[6] Other brands include Corsendonk Blond, Corsendonk Bruin and Corsendonk Christmas Ale.[7]

Corsendonk Pater, sold as Abbey Brown Ale in USA


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