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Cortado is a streaming Java applet for Ogg formats Vorbis, Theora and Kate, µ-law, MJPEG and Smoke (a custom MJPEG variant), released under the GPL. With Cortado a webpage can be set up to download the applet on the fly in the background, providing embedded support for Ogg-based media in Java-enabled web browsers without the need to install further software. Among others it is used on Wikimedia projects and[1]

Cortado was originally created by Wim Taymans building upon the earlier work of Jorbis, the Java decoder for Vorbis audio. Cortado was then maintained in the Wikimedia SVN repository by MediaWiki software developer Tim Starling and was available here.

Since release 0.5.0 development is done at the foundation. Cortado reference web page is available on web site, development version can be obtained from Cortado git source, while stable versions are available at Cortado stable releases. A README file is available at Cortado README from git HEAD.


ITheora is a PHP wrapper for Cortado intended to make it easier for the end-user to embed Ogg video in websites. ITheora is free software under the GNU General Public License.

Distributed Multi-Media DataBase[edit]

dmmdb is a YouTube-like directory of online videos. It uses a modified version of Cortado.[2][3][4][5][6]

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  • Fluendo, the company that originally developed Cortado


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