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CortiSlim is a family of weight-loss dietary supplements marketed by CortiSLIM International Inc. The CortiSlim line of products was acquired from its original owner, Window Rock Enterprises in 2008 after Window Rock had been pushed into bankruptcy as a result of losing a lawsuit for false advertising by the Federal Trade Commission.

False advertisement[edit]

Window Rock Enterprises, the former owners of the CortiSlim product line, originally claimed that it contributed to weight loss by blocking cortisol. The manufacturer was fined $12 million by the Federal Trade Commission in 2007 for false advertising, and, as part of the settlement, the current owner of the brand no longer claims that CortiSlim is a cortisol antagonist.[1] CortiSlim product promoters also claimed that the effectiveness[2] of CortiSlim products had been demonstrated by over 15 years of scientific research, a claim that the FTC determined to be false.[3]


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