Cosmic Cruiser

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Cosmic Cruiser
Cosmic Cruiser
Cassette inlay for Cosmic Cruiser
Developer(s)Steve Lavache, Simon Bell
Publisher(s)Imagine Software
Platform(s)ZX Spectrum, Dragon 32, BBC Micro, Commodore 64[1]

Cosmic Cruiser is a computer game developed by Imagine Software and released for various home computers in 1984.


The object of the game is to fight off an alien raiding party that has taken over a distant space station and save the crew.

The player controls the astronaut, whose first objective is to navigate to the laser cannon and blast holes into the side of the space station through which he can enter. Once inside the space station the astronaut must locate and rescue any crew members, while avoiding hostile aliens.[2]


Review scores
Home Computing Weekly5/5[4]

While Home Computing Weekly praised the "excellent sound, colour and graphics" and described it as a "fast and addictive game",[4] Crash criticised a number of its elements, summing it up as "unplayable and very soon completely pointless".[3]


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