Cosmic Guerilla

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Cosmic Guerilla
Cosmic Guerilla Videogame (flyer).jpg
German flyer
Developer(s) Universal
Crystal Computing (ZX)
Platform(s) Arcade
ZX Spectrum
Release 1979
Spectrum: 1983
Genre(s) Fixed shooter
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Cosmic Guerilla is a 1979 fixed-shooter arcade game in the vein of Space Invaders. It was developed by Universal, the company that would later create Mr. Do!. A ZX Spectrum port was published by Crystal Computing in 1983.


The aliens steal shields protecting the player's stock of lives

Cosmic Guerilla is a two-dimensional fixed shooter game. The player takes control of a laser cannon at the bottom of the screen whose movement is limited to left and right, and must fire at the aliens above.[1] In contrast to Space Invaders the aliens are arranged in a single vertical line on each side of the screen,[2] with their movement being towards the centre, one or more at a time, in an attempt to capture and remove the player's shields.[3] The aliens cannot be hit by the player's shots until they begin to move, and the player may only fire one projectile at a time.[4] Once a row of shields has been removed, one of the player's "lives", is exposed and able to be captured.[3] Occasionally a very fast "mothership" will appear and traverse the screen just above the player dropping bombs.[4]

There are six levels of difficulty[4] along with four game modes[3] allowing combinations of the regular game, bonus enemies, and faster aliens. There is also a two player mode where players take alternative turns.[3]

Sinclair version reception[edit]

Cosmic Guerilla was invariably compared to Space Invaders, though Sinclair User described it as the "next step up", with its different scenarios and object arrangement.[2] Home Computing Weekly, Sinclair User and ZX Computing all praised the game's smooth graphics,[1][2] though HCU felt that better use could have been made of the sound.[3] The game was generally well received, and described variously as "incredibly addictive" and "very playable",[2] and "highly recommended".[1][4]


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