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Costello may refer to:


  • Casla (Costelloe in English), village in western County Galway, Ireland
  • Costello Athletic Center, multi-purpose arena in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA


Given name

Film and television[edit]



  • 17024 Costello (1999 EJ5), main-belt asteroid
  • Barony of Costello, one of the baronies of County Mayo, Ireland
  • Costello (online game), educational MUD — a text-based online role-playing game
  • Costello Inquiry, named after presiding judge Declan Costello, 1979 Irish public inquiry to investigate the circumstances behind the Betelgeuse incident, in which 50 people were killed when an empty oil tanker exploded in Bantry Bay
  • The Costello Memoirs, collection of writings by Australian politician and treasurer Peter Costello
  • Costello syndrome, also called faciocutaneoskeletal syndrome or FCS syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects many parts of the body
  • Costello Tagliapietra, fashion house, founded and directed by Jeffrey Costello
  • Costello tetra, fish from the Amazon basin found in Brazil and Peru

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