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Cottier is a surname. It is of English origin, but can also be an Americanized form of a French and Swiss surname.

Origin of the surname[edit]

The surname Cottier is of English origin and a variant of the surname Cotter.[1] This English surname is a status name, for a cotter. This name is made up of the Old English elements cot "cottage", "hut" and the suffix er. In the feudal system a cotter held a cottage by service (rather than by rent).[2] Similarly, Reaney gives the surname deriving from the Old French cotier "cottager" (see: villein). Early bearers of the English surname are Robert le Robert le Cotier in 1198; and William le Coter(e) in 1270 and 1297.[3]

The surname Cottier, in some cases, is an Americanized form of the French Gauthier.[1] The French surname Gauthier (also found in Switzerland) is derived from a Germanic personal name made up of the elements wald "rule" and hari, heri "army".[4]


The surname can be rendered into the Irish language and the Manx language as Mac Coitir and Mac Oitir.

Use of the name[edit]



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