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Cottonwood Publishing is a small press publisher created in Helena, Montana by American comic artist, painter and novelist Stan Lynde and his wife Lynda to publish Western genre books and art, primarily work written and drawn by Stan Lynde. A partial list of their titles follows.[1][2]

Novels by Stan Lynde[edit]

  • The Bodacious Kid (1996)
  • Careless Creek (1998)
  • Vigilante Moon (2003)
  • Marshal of Medicine Lodge (2005)

Strip reprints[edit]

  • Rick O'Shay daily strips, from the beginning through 1964 (in four volumes of 11 planned)
  • Rick, Hipshot, and Me Rick O'Shay retrospective
  • Grass Roots panels reprinted in two volumes
  • Latigo daily strips complete in three volumes[3]


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