Country Pure Foods

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Country Pure Foods
Founded 1995
Headquarters Akron, Ohio, United States of America
Key people
Raymond K. Lee (President, CEO)
Products Fruit drinks, juices, nectars, and concentrates.
Owner Sapporo Holdings
Toyota Tsusho

Country Pure Foods makes single-serve, aseptic, frozen, and chilled fruit drinks, juices, nectars, and concentrates for retail food purveyors and food service operators. It also provides food manufacturers with fruit ingredients. The company's brand names include Natural Country Farms and Ardmore Farms.[1] Country Pure also packages juice for other beverage companies. Country Pure is headquartered in Akron, Ohio and operates juice plants in Ellington, Connecticut, Deland, Florida, Houston, Texas, and Akron, Ohio.[2] Country Pure Foods was created in 1995 through a merger of Natural Country Farms and Ohio Pure Foods. Country Pure had nearly $100 million in sales in the 2007 fiscal year and currently employs 450 workers. Country Pure Foods remains to this day a privately held corporation. In 2003, the Ellington plant was the cause of an ammonia leak which led to the company being fined by the Environmental Protection Agency for improper reporting of the incident.[3]

The company was owned by private equity investors from 1995 to 2014. In 2014, it was acquired by a joint venture between Sapporo Holdings, a major Japanese beverage maker, and Toyota Tsusho, a Japanese trading company.[4][5]

Key management[edit]


Natural Country Farms[edit]

Natural Country Farms was founded in 1985. Prior to merging in the formation of Country Pure Foods, the company was run by Ben Moser and James J. Greco from 1990 to 1995.[6]

Ohio Pure Foods[edit]

Ohio Pure Foods was founded in 1993. Prior to merging in the formation of Country Pure Foods in 1995, the company was run by Dave Mikolajczyk.