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Cozette de Charmoy in Ottawa, c. 1972

Cozette de Charmoy (born the 3rd of August 1939 in London, England) is a British-Canadian artist and poet.[1]

Her artwork is included in the collections of the National Gallery of Canada,[1] the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona,[2] and the Cape Breton University Art Gallery.[3]

In 1972, she co-founded, along with her husband Rodney de Charmoy Grey, the publishing house Éditions Ottezec.[4]

Selected bibliography[edit]

  • Fatrada (1972), published by Ottezec. Contains one collage, one linocut and two original drawings signed by the artist.
  • The True Life of Sweeney Todd (1973), collage novel, published by Gaberbocchus.
  • The colossal lie (1974), French text printed on tracing paper, published by J. Chopin.
  • Dernière édition (1989), published by Ottezec.
  • Olé les yeux (1989), published by Ottezec.
  • A ou l'Ange assassin (1989), with Tom Evans, published by Ottezec.
  • L'Ange des poètes (1990), with Janusz Paweł Tryzno as co-illustrator, text in French, English and Polish in triptych form. Published by Correspondance des Arts.
  • La femme et ses bêtes (1991), collages, published by Voix Richard Meier.
  • Électrocardiogrammes (1992), published by Voix Richard Meier.
  • Chaman-lieu (1993), with postface by Rodney de C. Grey, published by Despalles.
  • Regards nostalgiques (1994), published by Ottezec.
  • ATMYFP 31936 (1994), published by Ottezec.
  • ATMYFP 31936 etc. (1994), includes a "visual poem", published by Ottezec.
  • Électrocardiogrammes (1995), published by Cozette de Charmoy, bound by Renée Coumoul.
  • Dix doigts - plusieurs mains (1996), text in English with French translation by Danièle Devitre, published by Ottezec.
  • L' arbre de vie (1997), illustrated by Sarah Wiame, published by Céphéides.
  • Permanent blue light (1997), with photographs by Federico Busonero, published by Ottezec.
  • Silence, silenzio (et conversations avec Beethoven) (1998), published by Lieux-dits.
  • Le dernier iceberg (2002), published by Voix éditions.
  • Coupé net 2 (2002), text in French with English translation by Cozette de Charmoy, with Malone Dietrich as co-illustrator, published by Ottezec.
  • Musique (2002), illustrated and published by Rémy Pénard.
  • Chaman-chasseur (2003), poem previously published in "Le Cahier du refuge", n° 42, cipM, Marseille, September 1995, republished by Ottezec.
  • Sonsparasons (2005), with Louis Roquin, published by Ottezec.
  • Oracle (2006), with choice of quotations, translations and production of the book by Françoise Despalles and Johannes Strugalla, published by Despalles.


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