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Crateús is located in Brazil
Coordinates: 5°10′37″S 40°40′05″W / 5.177°S 40.668°W / -5.177; -40.668Coordinates: 5°10′37″S 40°40′05″W / 5.177°S 40.668°W / -5.177; -40.668
Country Brazil
State Ceará

Crateús is a municipality of about 72,800 (IBGE 2010) inhabitants in the northwest of the state of Ceará, in Northeastern Brazil.[1] It is located in a remote part of the state near the western border, and there are no nearby cities of any significance. Crateús is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Crateús. It was established by Portuguese explorers in the 17th century in uplands originally inhabited by indigenous peoples.

The municipality contains part of the 6,137 hectares (15,160 acres) Serra das Almas Private Natural Heritage Reserve, which preserves an area of the Caatinga biome.[2]

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