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Origin Bellingham, Washington
Genres Indie pop, cuddlecore
Years active 1990 – 1994
Labels Harriet Records, Cher Doll, HHBTM
Members Sean Tollefson, Jeff Fell, Brad Roberts

Crayon was an indie pop band from Washington State featuring Brad Roberts (guitar/vocals), Sean Tollefson (bass/vocals) and Jeff Fell (drums).


Crayon formed in 1990 in Bellingham, Washington, which is about 60 miles north of Seattle. A bit more punk than twee, Crayon were obviously influenced by bands like Beat Happening and The Modern Lovers. Their sound was a cross between the Seattle based grunge and twee. Many considered their unique style, combining heavily distorted guitar with strong indiepop elements to be the missing link between UK twee bands like The Pastels and American indie bands like Tsunami and the more abrasive Unwound. Some dubbed this new style of music “love rock," while others referred to it as “cuddlecore” due to the coy nature of their songs.

In the four years they were together, Crayon released a handful of 7" singles and one full-length album on Harriet Records. They played a fair amount of live shows across the United States and shared the stage with a number of diverse bands including: Superchunk, Pavement, Tiger Trap, Built to Spill, The Melvins, Bikini Kill, Karp, Heavens to Betsy, Alan Clapp, Seaweed, Hazel, The Cows, Ed's Redeeming Qualities, Some Velvet Sidewalk, cub, Nothing Painted Blue, The Stinkypuffs, Engine Kid, Mecca Normal, Unwound, Southern Culture on the Skids, New Bad Things, Henry's Dress, Unsane, The Crabs, Smog, Lois, New Bomb Turks and The Softies.

Even though the trio only recorded one album and were never commercially successful, some critics have cited Crayon as one of the most influential bands to come out of the sleepy college town of Bellingham, Washington. Roberts left the group in 1994 and Tollefson & Fell went on to form the seminal indie pop band Tullycraft in 1995.

In 2014 HHBTM Records reissued the album, Brick Factory, on limited edition vinyl and cassette to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its release.



1991 A Cartwheel For A Kiss (Self Released)

2014 Forever Nearly True (HHBTM Records) 24 songs comprising tracks from 7” singles, compilations, 4-track demos and unreleased songs.

7" Singles[edit]

1991 Matchbox 3-song 7" EP (Harriet)
1992 Moominland 6-song 7" EP (Harriet)
1992 Crayon / Veronica Lake split 7" (Cher Doll)
1993 The Snap-Tight Wars 7" (Harriet)
1993 Crayon / Grover split 7" (Gritty Kitty)
1994 Phantom Third Channel split 7" EP (Cher Doll)


1994 Brick Factory CD/CS (Harriet Records)

2014 Brick Factory (reissue) LP/CS (HHBTM Records)


1992 "Knee High Susan" on The Bellingham Conflagration (Flaming Cows Head) Cassette
1992 "Secret Goldfish" on Throw: The Yoyo Studio Compilation (Yoyo) CD
1992 "All The Stars" on One Last Kiss (Spin Art) CD
1993 "Penny Lock" on Julep (Yoyo) CD/Vinyl
1993 "Crown" on North Of Nowhere (Gritty Kitty/Spam) CD
1993 "Live With It Baby" on A Love Like Lead (Lionhead Fountain, Japan) Cassette
1994 "I Could" on A Day In The Park (Now Sound) CD/Vinyl
1995 "The Snap-Tight Wars" (live) on The Basement Tapes Live Recordings At KSPC 1989-1995
1996 "Forever Nearly True"(live) on Yoyo A Go Go (Yoyo) CD/Vinyl
2001 "The Snap-Tight Wars" on Songs For Cassavetes Soundtrack (Better Looking Records) CD
2010 "Pedal" on Tiny Idols Volume III - The Indie Underground 1991-1995 (Snowglobe Records) CD


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