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Creation by Archie Roach.jpg
Box set by
Released3 October 2013
LabelFestival Records
ProducerPaul Kelly, David Bridie, Malcolm Burn, Richard Pleasance
Archie Roach chronology
Into the Bloodstream
Let Love Rule

Creation is a box set by Australian singer song writer Archie Roach. The box set features remastered versions of Roach's first four studio albums with Mushroom Records between 1990 and 2002 with 14 previously unreleased bonus tracks and deluxe packaging including detailed liner notes, commentary from the albums' producers Paul Kelly, David Bridie, Malcolm Burn and Richard Pleasance.[1] The album was released to coincide with the premiere of Roach's new live show, also entitled Creation which ran for three dates in October 2013 at the inaugural Boomerang Festival in Byron Bay.[2] Additional dates for Creation were added for 20 and 21 June 2014 in Adelaide.[3]

Roach told the Cairns Post performing the songs of Creation helps him remember the impact his music has had. “I think you realise (the songs) have actually grown through the years. I haven’t performed them for a little while, so they are quite fresh and new for me again. I think I interpret them in a different way now, they’ve had a chance to mature a bit.” [4]

Track listing[edit]

Charcoal Lane
1."Native Born"Archie Roach4:00
2."Charcoal Lane"Roach3:21
4."I've Lied"Roach3:17
5."Down City Streets"Ruby Hunter4:04
6."Took the Children Away"Roach5:24
7."Sister Brother"Roach4:27
8."Beautiful Child"Roach4:01
9."No No No"Roach3:49
10."Summer of My Life"Roach3:34
11."Koorie Koorie" (Demo) 7:11
12."Took the Children Away" (Demo)Roach6:45
13."Hung Over" (Demo) 2:37
Jamu Dreaming
1."Weeping in the Forest"Archie Roach4:52
2."From Paradise"Roach4:20
3."Mr. T"Roach4:34
4."Love in the Morning"Roach4:21
5."Tell Me Why"Roach3:25
6."Walking into Doors"Roach4:49
7."Wild Blue Gums"Roach4:42
8."So Young"Dave Arden3:11
10."Jamu Dreaming"Roach, Bridie, John Phillips4:19
11."There Is a Garden"Roach5:18
12."Weeping in the Forest" (Live)Roach5:12
13."Tell Me Why" (Live)Roach4:45
14."Walking into Doors" (Live)Roach4:52
15."There Is a Garden"Roach1:23
Looking for Butter Boy
1."Beggar Man"Archie Roach3:50
2."A Child Was Born Here"Roach4:21
3."My Grandmother"Roach4:18
4."Dancing (With My Spirit)"Roach4:16
5."F Troop"Roach4:43
6."Mother's Heartbeat"Roach4:55
7."Djabugai Lady"Roach5:07
8."Hold On Tight"Roach, Mark Seymour4:27
9."River Song"Roach4:53
10."Reach for You"Roach3:37
11."Give Unto Caesar"Roach4:13
12."Louis St John"Roach5:32
13."Watching over Me"Roach4:03
14."Beggar Man" (Demo)Roach4:02
15."Dancing Shoes" (Demo) 3:30
16."Nowhere to Go" (Demo)Roach5:24
17."Colour of Your Jumper" (Demo)Roach4:09
Sensual Being
1."Alien Invasion"Archie Roach4:52
2."Life Is Worth Living"Roach4:39
3."Just a Little Time"Roach4:34
4."I Will I See You Tonight"Roach4:53
5."Mission Ration Blues"Roach4:08
6."Outside Your Window"Roach4:47
7."Many Waters Rise"Roach4:47
8."Cold Wind Blows"Roach4:11
9."Free to Be a Man"Roach3:50
10."Morning Star"Roach4:58
11."Move It On"Roach4:52
12."Small Child"Roach5:35
13."This Woman" (Demo) 5:20
14."Take Your Time" (Demo) 4:52
15."Mulyawongk" (Demo) 5:47
16."I Dont Wanna Go" (Demo) 5:51

Release history[edit]

Country Date Format Label Catalogue
Australia 3 October 2013 [5][6] Festival Records FEST601011


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