Credant Technologies

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Credant Technologies
Private, acquired by Dell
Industry Information Technology
Founded 2001
Headquarters Addison, Texas
Key people
Bob Heard: CEO & Founder
David Becker: CFO
Chris Burchett: CTO & co-founder
Avinash Agrawal: VP Engineering
Andrew Kahl: 'Sr.VP Operations & co-founder[1]
Products Mobile Guardian, Policy Proxy, Self-encrypting drives, Compliance Reporter, BitLocker manager

Credant Technologies is a company located in Addison, Texas offering products and services for data security. The company was founded in 2001 by Bob Heard, Chris Burchett and Andrew Kahl[1]


The company offers a range of products to protect data from "leaking". Several different versions of the main technology can be used on different locations in the network: via a "policy proxy" on the border between the LAN and the internet or in the DMZ, or a central "enterprise server" within the network. Also editions for Exchange servers and domain controllers are available. Other products are self-encrypting drivers that will encrypt all data on that drive without any additional requirements on the client or from the user, BitLocker management systems, Policy Reporting tools.[2]


The company claims that their products protect two million end-points in several industries, such as universities, health-care, aeronautical, financial[3][4] and government/defense.[5]

Acquisition by Dell[edit]

On 18 December 2012, Dell announced that it has reached agreement with Credant that it would acquire the company.[4][6] Prior to the acquisition Dell was already a technology partner of Credant.[7]

Dell has bought 16 companies over the past 4 years,[8] several of them directly or indirectly in the field of data-security. A major step in the field of security services was made by Dell at the start of 2011 when the acquired SecureWorks[9] and in 2012 with the acquisition of SonicWall, best known for their firewalls and Intrusion Detection and Prevention appliances. But also other companies Dell bought over the past years offer products and services for security, including Perot Systems and Quest Software. With the acquisition of Credant Dell gambles on a continuation of the strong growth in security services.[10]


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