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This article is about the place in Sutherland. For the village in Fife, see Creich, Fife.

Creich (Scottish Gaelic: Craoich, pronounced [kɾɯːç]) is located near Bonar Bridge, in Sutherland, in Scotland.[1]

There is a church (now in ruins) and graveyard for the Parish of Creich. Creich Mains farm is located here.

Beside the old (walled) graveyard in a field there is a standing stone engraved with a faint Celtic-style Christian cross. This is associated with a battle between locals and Norsemen/Vikings.

There is a rocky hill forming a peninsula into the Kyle of Sutherland called the Dun Creich, which has the ruins of a vitrified fort on its summit.


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Coordinates: 57°52′N 4°17′W / 57.867°N 4.283°W / 57.867; -4.283