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Crevenish Castle is a ruined castle and bawn in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, 3k south-west of Kesh[1] at grid ref: H165626.[2] It is privately owned.[3]


The castle was built about 1618 by Sir Thomas Blennerhassett (died 1624), from Norfolk, whose brother built Castle Caldwell[1] and was originally known as Castlehassett or Castle Hassett. Before coming as a 'planter' to Fermanagh, Thomas Blennerhassett had a varied career including being Captain of Guernsey Castle. He was a literary man who wrote several books including Directions for the Plantation of Ulster.[4][5] He was succeeded by his eldest son Sir Leonard Blennerhassett (died 1639).[6] The castle moved to local Maguire hands when his widow, Deborah, married Rory Maguire, leader of the Irish Rebellion of 1641 in Fermanagh, who died in 1648.[3] The castle subsequently returned to Blennerhassett hands, to Henry, son of Sir Leonard, who became MP for Fermanagh in 1664, and High sheriff for the county.[6] However, by 1697 the house was being reported as ruinous.[3]


In 1618/19 Captain Nicholas Pynnar reported the castle as being 'a house of stone and lime, slated, two and a half storeys high'. A church was also begun and a small village of six houses.[3] Two and a half storeys remain standing, with a square tower and loopholed windows.[1] It is built of limestone with, on the north side, an inset centre section with a tower-like projection on either.[7] The tombstones of the Blennerhassetts are in the grounds.[3]

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Coordinates: 54°30′42″N 7°44′43″W / 54.51176°N 7.74520°W / 54.51176; -7.74520