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Cricket Lee (born Decatur, Alabama, March 17, 1953) is an American entrepreneur and inventor, notable for developments towards better fitting clothes.[1]

Lee created a clothes fitting standard called Fitlogic, designed to include size and three body types for US women. The technology was developed with more than 10,000 women's measurements,[1] and trials over a 12-year period, beginning in 2002.


During her career, Lee has created marketing campaigns for British Airways, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, JCPenney, Sara Lee Corporation (Hanes, Bali), Haggar Clothing Company, Warner Brothers and others. She was the first to create and pitch the concept of putting fitness programs into infomercials with Susan Powter[citation needed]. She also oversaw the marketing of Multiples by Sandra Garrett,[citation needed] which grossed over $240,000,000 in retail sales in the late 1980s.[citation needed]

Lee holds 72 awards for creative excellence in advertising including a National Addy Award.[2]

She is CEO and founder of Fit Technologies in Los Angeles, California, which offers Fitlogic as an inside fit brand licensable to any wholesale or retail clothing brand.[3] Kym Gold (co-founder of True Religion jeans) is the company's first licensee for Fitlogic.


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