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Maria Cristina Fragas (July 24, 1856 – April 20, 1936) was a Cuban writer of African origin. She wrote under the name Cristina Ayala.

The daughter of a Creole mother who was a slave and an unknown father, she was born free in Güines.[1] Her work was published in various newspapers and journals including El Pueblo Libre and El Sufragista, as well as in Minerva, a magazine dedicated to black women for which she was a founding editor. She is believed to be the first Afro-Hispanic writer to talk about race in her poetry. In her work, she opposed slavery and racial inequality and supported national independence for all Cubans.[2][3]

In 1912, she married Cecilio Larrondo.[1]

Fragas died in Güines at the age of 79.[1]

A collection of her work Ofrendas Mayabequinas was published in 1926 with a foreword by Valentin Cuesta Jimenez.[4]

After her death, the town council for Güines named a street in her honour. The street was renamed after the Cuban Revolution and no longer exists.[1]


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