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María Cristina Pereyra (born 1964)[1] is a Venezuelan mathematician. She is a professor of mathematics and statistics at the University of New Mexico, and the author of several books on wavelets and harmonic analysis.

Education and employment[edit]

Pereyra was a member of the Venezuelan team for the 1981 and 1982 International Mathematical Olympiads.[2] She earned a licenciado (the equivalent of a bachelor's degree) in mathematics in 1986 from the Central University of Venezuela.[3]

She went to Yale University for graduate studies, completing her Ph.D. there in 1993. Her dissertation, Sobolev Spaces On Lipschitz Curves: Paraproducts, Inverses And Some Related Operators, was supervised by Peter Jones.[3][4] After working for three years as an instructor at Princeton University, she joined the University of New Mexico faculty in 1996.[3]


Pereyra is the author or editor of:

  • Lecture Notes on Dyadic Harmonic Analysis (Second Summer School in Analysis and Mathematical Physics, Cuernavaca, 2000; Contemporary Mathematics 289, American Mathematical Society, 2001)[5]
  • Wavelets, Their Friends, and What They Can Do For You (with Martin Mohlenkamp, EMS Lecture Series in Mathematics, European Mathematical Society, 2008)[6]
  • Harmonic Analysis: from Fourier to Wavelets (with Lesley Ward, Student Mathematical Library 63, American Mathematical Society, 2012)[7]
  • Harmonic Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Complex Analysis, Banach Spaces, and Operator Theory: Celebrating Cora Sadosky's Life, Vols. I, II (edited with S. Marcantognini, A. M. Stokolos, and W. Urbina, Association for Women in Mathematics Series, Springer, 2016 and 2017)


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