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Critical Software S.A.
Privately held
Industry Information Technology
Founded 1998
Founder Gonçalo Quadros (Chairman), Diamantino Costa, João Carreira
Headquarters Coimbra, Portugal
Products XCEPTION, Beyond Logistics, Oversee, WOW
Revenue 25M€ (2014)
Number of employees
320 (2014)
Subsidiaries Critical Software Technologies (Southampton and Yeovil - UK)
Critical Software GmbH (Hanau – DE)
Critical Software Technologies (California – USA)
Critical Software Brasil (São Paulo - BR)
Critical Software Moçambique, Limitada (Maputo - MZ)
Critical Software Angola (Luanda – AO)

Critical Software is an international information systems and software company, headquartered in Coimbra, Portugal.


Critical Software was established in 1998, from the University of Coimbra's business incubator and technology transfer centre Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN). The company's headquarters are located in Coimbra, Portugal, with other Portuguese offices in Oporto and Lisbon, and subsidiaries around the world: Southampton and Yeovil (United Kingdom), Hanau, (Germany), California, (United States), São Paulo, (Brazil), Maputo, (Mozambique), Luanda, (Angola) and other locations.

Critical Software trades across several markets including aerospace, space, defence, automotive, railway, telecoms, government, finance, energy & utilities and healthcare. Core competences include Embedded and Real-Time Systems, Command & Control, Integrated Logistic Support, Security and Infrastructure, Integration, Business Intelligence, Risk Assessment Management System and Independent Software Verification & Validation.

Critical Group[edit]

  • Critical Manufacturing is a Critical Software company founded in 2009 and providing automation and manufacturing software for high-tech industries.
  • Critical Materials was founded in 2009 by Gustavo Dias, Julio Viana (Professors of Uminho) and Critical Software. The company focuses on the development of solutions and products in the field of advanced materials for critical applications.
  • Critical Health is a spin-off of Critical Software, encompassing all healthcare development activities since 2006.
  • Watchful Software is a spin-off of Critical Software, focusing on the provision of data-centric information security.
  • Critical Links is a spin-off of Critical Software. It is the developer of edgeBOX, which provides data communication services such as VoIP, VPN or Wifi to small and medium-sized businesses.[1]


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