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Cronosoft is a UK-based software publishing house run by Simon Ullyatt, which manufactures and markets games and utility software for a range of computers that are considered 'retro' or commercially obsolete. The company was established in 2002,[1] with its first release Egghead in Space (the third EggHead game in the series[2]), written and developed by Jonathan Cauldwell, and released on cassette format for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48 or better.

Since the beginning, Cronosoft has increased its range of software to include titles, not only for the ZX Spectrum, but also for the Commodore 64, Vic 20, Amstrad CPC, and Dragon 32. Popular titles include Platform Game Designer, Astro Nell, Reaxion, Grid Zone Remix, Rough Justice and Loco Bingo. More recent releases have included More Tea, Vicar?[3] by Jonathan Cauldwell, Javier Alcaniz and Yerzmyey, and LumASCII,[4] popular but very different Shoot-em ups for the ZX Spectrum.

It has been stated that Cronosoft's plan is to expand its range to cover even more obscure home computers like the TRS80/Tandy CoCo, Oric, Sord M5, and Texas TI99. Also, console support for systems such as the Sega CD, Amiga CD32, Game Boy and 3DO was planned but not achieved. Approximately 50% of the titles currently available are for the ZX Spectrum, with 11/21. The next most popular format is the Commodore VIC-20, with three titles available.

Cronosoft has been featured in several mainstream computer magazines, including Retro Gamer, GamesTM and Micro Mart, and regularly exhibits at computer shows across the United Kingdom, including CGE UK, ORSAM and RETRO BALL.


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