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Crossroad Bible Institute (CBI) provides faith-based reentry education for people in prison in the United States and around the world.

As a state-licensed post-secondary school, CBI offered courses on three levels corrected by trained and certified Instructors.[1] The school's Center for Advanced Studies also housed CBI's prison reentry program that places its students with reentry agencies in the area of their anticipated release to assist them in finding a job, securing housing, continuing their education and, if desired, locating a church.

Crossroad Bible Institute, a voice for restorative justice, was founded in 1984 by Tom De Vries.[2] The school was then led by Dr. H. David Schuringa[3] for many years until 2015 as it grew worldwide with 20 satellite campuses on all six livable continents.

In November 2017, licensure for the Institute was ended as the organization was transitioned into a para-church prison ministry and rebranded as Crossroads Prison Ministries.[4]


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