Crow Hop Dam

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Crow Hop Dam
Crow Hop Dam
Location Harris County, Georgia
Coordinates 32°48′01″N 85°09′10″W / 32.8003°N 85.1529°W / 32.8003; -85.1529Coordinates: 32°48′01″N 85°09′10″W / 32.8003°N 85.1529°W / 32.8003; -85.1529
Primary inflows Chattahoochee River
Primary outflows Chattahoochee River
Basin countries United States
Surface elevation 584 ft (178 m)

Crow Hop Dam is a lowhead dam on the Chattahoochee River. The dam was built to channel the river westward around the west side of Hills Island to increase generation capacity at Riverview Dam slightly downstream.[1] It is very close to, but does not touch, the Alabama state line, which here lies along the river's western bank, in Chambers County, Alabama, west of Hills Island.


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