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Railway tunnel in Crymych, immediately north of the station site

Crymmych Arms was a railway station in Crymych, Pembrokeshire, West Wales, on the Whitland and Cardigan line. It took its name from that of a nearby pub.


The Whitland & Cardigan Railway was a 27.5-mile-long (44.3 km)[1] branch railway line in West Wales, between Whitland station on the West Wales Line and Cardigan station, via nine intermediate stations.[2]

The line, which was originally promoted by John Owen (a quarry owner in Glogue) and approved by Parliament under the title of the Whitland and Taf Vale Railway, reached Crymych in July 1874, though passenger service at Crymych did not commence until the following year. In 1877 the name of the line was changed to the Whitland & Cardigan Railway, and the extension to Cardigan opened on 1 September 1886, to a site on the south of the River Teifi. In 1886 the line became part of the Great Western Railway, and in 1948 part of British Railways.

The proposal to close the line actually came the year before the notorious Beeching Axe, marking a change in a whole way of life and the end of an era. The line was closed to passenger traffic on 8 September 1962, the last train being the 5:45 pm Cardigan Mail. For a while the line remained open to freight traffic, but final closure took place on 27 May 1963. The track was lifted completely by the end of 1964. The stations at Crymych and Cardigan initially remained open as non-rail connected freight terminals, but this was also short lived.[2]

Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Glogue   Great Western Railway
Whitland & Cardigan Railway

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Coordinates: 51°58′26″N 4°38′40″W / 51.9738°N 4.6444°W / 51.9738; -4.6444