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Developer(s) Bruno Blanchet
Initial release 2005 (2005)
Stable release
1.21 / September 3, 2015 (2015-09-03)
Written in OCaml
Available in English
License Mainly the GNU GPL / Windows binary BSD licenses

CryptoVerif [1] is a software tool for the automatic reasoning about security protocols written by Bruno Blanchet. Contrary to ProVerif by the same creator that uses a symbolic abstraction, it is sound in the computational model.

It can prove secrecy and correspondences properties. The latter include in particular authentication.

Supported cryptographic mechanisms[edit]

It provides a mechanism for specifying the security assumptions on cryptographic primitives, which can handle in particular

Concrete Security[edit]

CryptoVerif can evaluate the probability of a successful attack against a protocol relative to the probability of breaking each cryptographic primitive, i.e. it can establish concrete security).


  1. ^ Bruno Blanchet. A Computationally Sound Mechanized Prover for Security Protocols. In IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, pages 140-154, Oakland, California, May 2006.