Crystal Casino

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Crystal Casino
Location Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Address 222 Broadway
Opening date1990
Closing dateJuly 1999
CoordinatesCoordinates: 49°53′16″N 97°08′12″W / 49.88778°N 97.13667°W / 49.88778; -97.13667

The Crystal Casino was the first permanent government-owned casino in the Western Hemisphere.[1] It opened in 1990 on the seventh floor of Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and was run by the Manitoba Lottery Foundation. Two new gaming centers, the McPhillips Street Station and the Regent Station, were opened in 1993 to replace Crystal's bingo halls. It was closed on May 22, 1997, with the two other Winnipeg casinos absorbing its operations.

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