Csillag Születik

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Csillag születik
Csillag Születik2.png
Logo of Csillag Születik
Genre Interactive reality television talent show
Presented by Nóra Ördög
Lilu (2012-)
András Stohl (2007-2009)
Judges Judit Hernádi (2009-2012)
Róbert Puzsér (2012)
Lia Pokorny (2012)
András Hajós (2012)
Tamás Szirtes (2009-2011)
Miklós Fáy (2009-2011)
Szonja Oroszlán (2009-2011)
Sándor Fábry (2007)
Tamás Náray (2007)
Mariann Falusi (2007)
Andrea Keleti (2007)
Country of origin  Hungary
No. of series 4
No. of episodes 41 (2 June 2012)
Original network RTL Klub
Original release 3 November 2007
Related shows Hungary's Got Talent
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Csillag születik (English: A Star Is Born) is an unlicensed Hungarian version of Got Talent. It launched on RTL Klub on 20 October 2007. Singers, dancers, comedians, variety acts, and other performers compete against each other for audience support. The winner of the show receives 12 million forint (1 million forint is given to the winner every month for a year) ($50,900/€42,600/£35,300). It is co-hosted by Nóra Ördög and András Stohl. The show has had four seasons so far.

The first season's judges were: Sándor Fábry, Mariann Falusi, Tamás Náray and Andrea Keleti. The first season was won by Árpád Utasi, comedian.

And the second and third season's judges: Szonja Oroszlán, Miklós Fáy, Judit Hernádi and Tamás Szirtes. On 11 December, Nóra Ördög announced on X-Faktor's ninth week that there will be a third season in 2011. And the third season was won by István Tabáni, singer. The third season was won by Attila László (singer). Tamás Szirtes left the judging panel, after the third series, because he joined the Hungarian version of Dancing with the Stars' judging panel.

The fourth season is aired in 2012 with three new judges, just Judit Hernádi returned from the 2009-2011's judging panel. The judging panel includes Róbert Puzsér (critics man), Judit Hernádi (comedian, actress), András Hajós (singer, comedian) and Lia Pokorny (actress). The winner was János Elek Mészaros a national songs singer.

In 2015, RTL Klub started to air its licensed version of Got Talent titled Hungary's Got Talent.

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