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Cthulhu Cultus
Associate EditorJames Ambuehl
PublisherMythos Books
Year founded1995
Final issue2001
Based inFlorida[1]

Cthulhu Cultus was a small press horror magazine, that was published from 1995 to 2001. Its total run included 18 issues. Cthulhu Cultus published the works of established horror fiction and noir writers like Joseph S. Pulver and D.F. Lewis, and was devoted to weird, supernatural and horror fiction and poetry with an emphasis on H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.

It was published by Mythos Books.[1] Editions were published by Philip Marsh and Tani Jantsang in Florida, and the Associate Editor was James Ambuehl. Illustrations were done by T. Marsh. The editors also recorded a 60-minute CD of original Cthulhu Cultus Music.


Contributors included James Ambuehl, Tracy Ambuehl, Kenneth J. Beattle, Robert Bee, R.D. Bookout, Crispin Burnham, R. S. Cartwright, Lee Clark, Jason Gridley, Peter F. Guenther, Jonathon William Hodges, Tani Jantsang, J.W. Kelley, D.F. Lewis (Nemonymous), Philip Marsh, Andy Nunez, Brian Nutter, Duane Pesice, Robert M. Price (Crypt of Cthulhu), Joseph S. Pulver (Cthulhu Codex), P.J. Roberts, Ian Rogers, Kevin Eric Sheridan, Ron Shiflet, Kenneth Silver, G.W.Thomas, John H. Toon, Ray Wallace, and Peter A. Worthy (Al-Azif).



===No. 1-3 (1995) ===

No. 4-5 (1996)

Cthulhu Cultus No. 4
Cthulhu Cultus No. 5

No. 6-8 (1997)

Cthulhu Cultus No. 6
Cthulhu Cultus No. 7
Cthulhu Cultus No. 8

No. 9-13 (1998)

Cthulhu Cultus No. 9
  • Atlachnaphobia
  • I Am Nyarlathotep!
  • Innsmouth Harvest
  • People of the Monolith
  • The Sign of the Yellow Servitor
  • The Statue
Cthulhu Cultus No. 10
  • People of the Monolith
  • Servants of the Coils
  • The Tunnels
  • The Watchers at the Portal
Cthulhu Cultus No. 11
  • A Core Unto Itself
  • Beloved
  • Crystal from out of Space
  • Goddess
  • Mythos Rhyme No.1 (HPL) (1st version – prose) by Joseph S. Pulver
  • People of the Monolith
  • The Steps at Siloth
  • The Watchers at the Portal
Cthulhu Cultus No. 12
  • A Correlation of Facts Regarding UFO's
  • Bishop's Harvest
  • Darker
  • The Forgotten Ritual of Mnar by Joseph S. Pulver
  • Hastur-The-Unspeakable
  • Mythos Rhyme No.4 (Chaugnar Faugn) by Joseph S. Pulver
  • The Suit
  • The Place of the Shoggoths
Cthulhu Cultus No. 13
  • Alum Chine
  • At the Sound of the Tone
  • The Infinite Varieties of Chaos

No. 14-16 (1999)

Cthulhu Cultus No. 14
  • Next Stop
  • The Dark Man's Assassin by Ron Shiflet
  • The Gemstone
  • The Man in Cell Number Thirty-Three
  • The Prodigal
  • Shadow from the Steeple
  • Whipping Boy
Cthulhu Cultus No. 15-16

No. 17 (2000)

No. 18 (2001)


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