Quaraí River

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Aerial view of the Quaraí, or Cuareim River

The Quaraí or Cuareim River (Portuguese Rio Quaraí, Spanish Río Cuareim[1]) is a tributary of the Uruguay River.


The river originates in the Coxilha de Santana (Spanish Cuchilla de Santa Ana), an area of low-lying hills, and runs westward to join the Uruguay River. It forms the boundary between Uruguay on the south and Rio Grande do Sul state of Brazil on the north.

Border dispute[edit]

There is a long-standing and unresolved border dispute between Uruguay and Brazil along part of Quaraí River. However, this is not seen as a politically disturbing issue between the two countries, which have close and friendly diplomatic relations and strong economic ties. So far, the disputed areas have been effectively under Brazilian control.

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Coordinates: 30°11′5″S 57°36′18″W / 30.18472°S 57.60500°W / -30.18472; -57.60500[2]


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